The Rural Urban Classification is an Official Statistic used to distinguish rural and urban areas. The Classification defines areas as rural if they are outside settlements with more than 10,000 resident population.

Since 1981, a minimum population threshold of 10,000 has been used in England and Wales to distinguish physical settlements (rather than administrative areas) to be considered urban. Although a wide number of cut-offs have been used by different government agencies for specific purposes, a review of urban and rural definitions undertaken for a consortium of government agencies in 2001 recommended the use of the 10,000 threshold. The same threshold is used in Scotland and Northern Ireland – ensuring compatibility of definitions both over time and between countries.

In order to check whether your business is located in a rural area, you need to use the online Map Checker which is accessed here: MagicMaps.

To help users check their location is eligible, we have produced a video which shows you what you need to do. If you need any support with using MagicMaps then please contact us.

Please note, you must use the postcode of the address from which your business is trading from, or in the event your business is relocating, the address your business will be trading from. 

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The video below will help you to use MagicMaps.

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